The 30-year Home Saver Loan

The 30-Year Home Saver Loan is our exclusive loan program, which carries a low fixed interest rate for the entire 30-year term. Just imagine a mortgage that NEVER adjusts — no surprises, no market fluctuations — just ONE LOW RATE for the entire 30-year term. The 30-year home saver loan mortgage is backed by the U.S. Government, so your security is guaranteed!

One of the best parts of the 30 Year Home Saver Loan is you don’t need perfect credit in order to qualify. Since this loan is not credit score driven, you’ll find the best interest rates are available to all applicants. Also the value of your home is not a major concern for us. Our 30 Year Home Saver Loan allows for you to refinanace your current loan into a low 30 year fixed rate, regardless of your home value. Which is very important is a declining market.

You might be wondering why your neighborhood mortgage broker has not told you about this product. The 30-Year Home Saver Loan is exclusive to M2 Lending Solutions.

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